Prevozi razsutega tovora - GMP prevozi

Part of the fleet of silo cisterns is designed for GMP transportation. We obtained a GMP + B4 certification in 2015.

Also, when transporting GMP bulk cargo, the silo cistern’s cleanliness is in the first place, which means that the silo cisterns are regularly washed and cleaned according to GMP instructions, and IDTF cleaning specifications. By keeping track record of loading and washing, we guarantee quality and enable traceability.

GMP silo cisterns for transporting bulk cargo have a capacity of 60m3.

Silo cisterns are equipped with a Solimar brower system for loosening the material in the discharge, as well as with vibrators for slipping of the material, which means that they are also suitable for very demanding powder materials.

All GMP vehicles are also equipped with air compressors for the discharge of material, with a compressed air cooler, and a micro filter.

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They are based on the 29-year tradition and ensure that we are your competent international transport partner

safety first

Safety for customers, the environment, and employees

cleanliness of silo cisterns with no compromise

Silo cisterns are regularly washed and cleaned according to ECD and PICS specifications