Knowledge and experience

Driver experience, constant availability of professionals, and good interpersonal relationships in the family business are our advantages, providing the highest quality services for the most demanding customers.

The main activity of the company is transport of goods and various types of bulk cargo in domestic and international traffic, and provision of such services.

All trucks are connected to the office with tracking and phone, so that we can determine the position and state of the vehicle at all times.


In Rogatec, a warehouse tent for the needs of storage and transhipment of goods is located in our secure car park for our freight vehicles.

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Waste transport

We are registered as a non-hazardous and hazardous waste freight carrier, under the registration number 5470- 226/2014. We are also registered in the German Register of waste freight transporters.

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ADR transport

Safe and reliable transportation of dangerous goods in different packages and quantities since 1990.

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GMP transport

When transporting GMP bulk cargo, the silo cistern’s cleanliness is in the first place. We obtained a GMP + B4 certification in 2015.

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Volume Transport

Jumbo tandem or truck with a trailer has a capacity of up to 24 tons and a volume of 118m3. All jumbo tandems have an XL certificate.

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Standard transport

Load capacity of up to 25 tons and total volume 93m3.

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Silo transport

Our knowledge and quality of silo transport is confirmed by successful cooperation with the leading European logistics companies in the field of bulk cargoes.

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knowledge and experience

They are based on the 29-year tradition and ensure that we are your competent international transport partner

safety first

Safety for customers, the environment, and employees

cleanliness of silo cisterns with no compromise

Silo cisterns are regularly washed and cleaned according to ECD and PICS specifications