About the company

Transport – biro d.o.o. was founded on 5 November 5 1989. The main activity of the company is the provision of transport services, both on the domestic and foreign markets. We started at domestic, today the foreign market prevails.

From the very beginning, we are aware that in order to successfully compete on the European market, it is necessary to ensure a high level of quality, to respect the agreed delivery times and to ensure the integrity of the service. All this can be achieved only with modern, well-equipped freight vehicles, and motivated employees.

Our vision

  • Orientation towards sustainable development
  • Environmental awareness
  • State-of-the-art eco-friendly vehicles with less emissions
  • Adapting the markets with the corresponding special upgrades and focus on the western markets
  • Maintaining good customer relationships
  • To become an exclusive freight carrier for Slovenian and foreign companies
  • Commitment to corporate social responsibility by contributing to local development and creation of new employment possibilities

Certificates that confirm our quality

Company registration information

The company is registered with the Celje District Court, under the Register of Companies No. 1/00760/00.

  • Share Capital EUR 62,060.00
  • ABANKA d.d. SI56 0510 0801 4259 574, ABANSI2X
  • UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d. SI56 2900 0005 1784 471, BACXSI22
  • Registration number: 5297087 
  • VAT ID No: SI17743516
  • Business activity code: 60.240